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Due to the impact of hurricane Irma, all flight school operations are closed. Until the Naples Airport is able to re-open, and utilities are restored, all flight school operations are suspended. We will be unable to respond to web inquiries or email inquiries until on or about September 22nd. Please check back periodically as we update the status. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we look forward to helping you reach your flight training goals in the future.

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   Here at Europe-American Aviation, you will receive personalized  training designed for your individual needs in a relaxed, family-like  atmosphere

   Beautiful Southwest Florida has beaches, palm trees and sunny  skies. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation while you’re completing  your flight training!

   Enjoy the tranquil setting during your training in our late model    Diamond Aircraft with experienced Gold Seal FAA flight  instructors.

                                      The Airlines Are Hiring !

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Most pilots begin their careers as commercial pilots. Commercial pilots typically need a high school diploma or equivalent. Airline pilots typically need a bachelor’s degree.

All pilots who are paid to fly must have at least a commercial pilot’s license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In addition,airline pilots must have the Arline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate. The ATP certificate, and instrument and multi-engine ratings expand the privileges granted by the commercial pilot’s license and may be required by certain employers.

Most pilots begin their flight training with independent instructors or through flight schools. Fixed base operators (FBO) usually provide a wide range of general aviation services, such as aircraft maintenance and on demand  air transportation services, and they also offer flight training. An FBO may manage a flight school or call its training department a school. Some schools are part of 2- and 4- year colleges and universities.


 Detailed information about our  fleet of Diamond Aircraft can be found  on  this page.







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