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About Us

At Europe-American Aviation you will receive personalized training, designed for your individual needs in a relaxed, family-like atmosphere.

Fly with us in sunny Naples, Florida!

Europe-American Aviation offers training towards all ratings, according to Part 61 and 141.

In the same building, you’ll also find a pilot shop and an aviation medical examiner!

This is what our clients say


I love the Diamonds, they are the perfect training aircraft for new pilots, like me, as they are smooth to handle. My favorite hobby is flying and I have become quite accomplished at Europe-American Aviation. – Joni Henderson

As a pilot, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the staff of Europe-American, who are always pleasant, professional, and efficient. I recommend every person considering to enter the world of flying to look at Europe-American as one of the above standard schools. I wish to congratulate them on their new fleet of Diamonds. Europe-American is one of the best flying schools in the area. – Julio C. Restrep