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Cleared Direct™ FAA

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Europe-American Aviation is proud to present Cleared Direct™, the logical step in professional pilot training. Tailoring an offer to the aspiring Career Pilot in a time when the Airlines world-wide are desperately looking for well trained pilots.


The program is customized in a way that future pilots will gain up to 100 hours IFR flying experience, all Glass cockpit / EFIS.

  • 100 % of all new Commercial Airliners and almost all new General Aviation Aircraft manufactured today are Glass Cockpit.
  • Our hybrid Part 141 / 61 FAA training program allows greater flexibility while controlling program costs. Compare our prices to other programs. You get more for less, 100 hours of true Instrument time with no “safety pilot” time building gimmicks

From Zero to Hero

Our Cleared Direct™ – FAA students will gain an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with Airplane Single and Multi-engine class Ratings, and an Instrument Airplane Rating in a six month time frame. Our program is designed around our Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), built by Diamond Aircraft.

Cleared Direct™ – FAA is intended to accomplish 250 logbook hours, including up to 100 Cross country, up to 100 hours Instrument and up to 50 hours in our state of the art Level 5 FTD (Flight Training Device). We use only the most modern training aircraft available on the market!

As the world’s first Diamond Brilliance Flight Center we introduced the Diamond Simulation Level 5 Flight Training Device (FTD) to the U.S. Cleared Direct™ incorporates the FTD with 50 hours of training throughout the Instrument, initial Multi-engine and Commercial phases.

Our FTD is an essential part of the program, both for emergency procedures training, as well as conducting realistic instrument flight scenarios. This puts the CLEARED DIRECT™ graduates in the ideal position for their next career step.

Our program is unique in that you train in Glass cockpit / EFIS equipped aircraft from the very first hour and gather experience that is highly desired in today’s professional market. The goal from the beginning was to provide the highest quality training possible to make our graduates more competitive in a job interview.

Europe-American Aviation’s CLEARED DIRECT™ program offers every flight student a unique way to build a solid foundation for his or her career as a professional pilot!

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