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What is the difference between part 141 and part 61 training?

Part 141 and 61 refer to specific FAA Regulations that deal with how training is conducted by a flight instructor or flight school. Part 61 is the basic requirements for any flight instructor who is providing flight instruction to any person. Part 141 is specifically for flight schools, which must meet specific requirements to receive and maintain a 141 designation. All flight instructors at a 141 school must meet specific criteria, and follow the school’s FAA approved training course.

Do I need a pilot’s medical exam before I start flight training?

No you do not; HOWEVER we strongly recommend getting your FAA medical prior to starting flight training, just in case you find that for any reason you are unable to qualify for a medical. It would be in your best interest to find out, before spending any money on flight training.

When can I start flight training?

When you are ready to start your flight training, contact us and the front desk will get everything ready with you and schedule a starting date, whether within a few days or for a later date.

Why should I learn to fly in electronic flight instrument (EFIS) aircraft?

If you are planning on a career as a pilot, it is in your best interest to learn with EFIS aircraft considering most all commercial aircraft come standard with EFIS displays. Even if you are not pursuing a pilot career, most all general aviation aircraft being manufactured today, come standard with EFIS displays and we have found it is much easier to learn on an EFIS aircraft than try to transfer to one after earning your pilot’s license.

Is learning to fly in EFIS aircraft more difficult than traditional aircraft?

Any aircraft in which you learn to fly, you will have to learn the instruments and systems of that airplane. Also keep in mind that with initial training you have about 40 hours of flying to learn and get used to the EFIS system, which is more than enough time.

Can I rent Europe-American Aviation’s aircraft after I get my Pilot’s License?

We highly encourage our students to rent our aircraft after receiving their pilot’s license. Students must meet the same rental requirements that we have for any other renters, but those requirements are usually taken care of through the flight training.

If I have flight time from another school or in other aircraft in the past, does this time count towards my flight training at Europe-American Aviation?

All flight time that you have counts. By the conclusion of your training you must meet the FAA certification requirements as well as be proficient to pass the FAA oral/flight exam.

If I have flight time in Europe, does that flight time count towards an FAA Certificate or Rating?

Yes, the flight time counts towards your total/PIC time required for an FAA license. Due to different flight log, and training requirements; everyone’s situation is different. Please contact us for more information.

Can I prepare for the FAA written exam(s) before I start flight training?

We do recommend studying for the FAA written exam prior to starting flight training. This will give you a head start on some of the concepts and regulations required for flying. Also considering the knowledge test is 60 questions out of a 900 question bank, the earlier you start studying the less time you would have to spend studying each day.

What is a letter of verification?

A “letter of verification” is a letter stating that the FAA has verified the validity of a foreign pilot’s license thus allowing them to obtain an FAA license based on their foreign license. Please see “Converting EU/USA” for more information and links for required documents.

Do I need a letter of verification?

Only if you plan on obtaining a FAA Certificate or rating based on your foreign license. If you hold a foreign license, we recommend requesting a letter of verification, whether you plan on using it or not, just in case you decide that you would like to get an FAA license based on the foreign license that you currently hold. Please see “Converting EU/USA” for more information and links for required documents.

Do I need to have a TSA background check before I start flight training?

If you are a non US citizen and you are training toward a new certificate or rating. If you are a US citizen or you are not training toward a certificate or rating, you do not require TSA approval. If you are unsure, please contact us to be sure.

Do I have to get my license in a single engine airplane first, or can I start in a twin?

No, you can learn to fly in any airplane you would like to. There are no restrictions, aside from cost, to which airplane you do your initial training in.

How long does it take to become a pilot?

It depends on how much time/concentration you are willing to put into flight training. The average time for a FULL TIME (6-8hrs. a day, 5 days a week) student is between 4-6 weeks, weather permitting of course, for a Private Pilot Certificate. Our average part time (2-3 days a week of 4-6hrs.) students, could expect about 6-8 weeks. We cannot give an exact estimate on time, considering that everyone is different and learns at different paces. The frequency of training can also drastically reduce or increase training time.

With our Cleared Direct™ program you could gain your FAA Commercial single and multi-engine with instrument in only 6 months! OR both FAA & JAA/EASA Commercial single and multi-engine, and instrument licenses in 12 months!

How old do I have to be to start flight training? Get my license?

There is no age limit for flight training. The FAA does however have age limitations for flying solo (16), Obtaining your Private Pilot Certificate (17), Commercial Pilot Certificate (18), and Airline Transport Pilot (23). Even though there is no age limitation, you do need to be tall enough to operate all flight controls.

What is upset recovery training?

Upset recovery training, is training specifically aimed at how to properly regain aircraft control if for some reason you lost control of the aircraft. It is becoming a common hiring requirement for many major airlines.

Does Europe-American Aviation offer an upset recovery training course?

Yes we do, we have a partnership with an upset recovery training provider. Please contact us for details.

Does Europe-American Aviation offer discount block rates for aircraft rental?

We do not offer block rate discounts for our aircraft, considering that the hourly rate of our aircraft is the lowest possible rate we can offer to cover required maintenance and upkeep of the aircraft.

If I get my flight instructor certificate through Europe-American Aviation, am I guaranteed a job at Europe-American Aviation?

We cannot guarantee employment after completion of flight instructor training, because we cannot guarantee that there will be an open position when you complete your training. We do prefer to hire CFI’s that complete our training, we do not guarantee employment because we do not want to have more instructors than needed.

Is there a height/weight limit for the Diamond Aircraft?

There is no specific limitation, but you do want to be sure that you are comfortable in the aircraft you plan on training in, considering you will be in that aircraft for about 40 hours or more. We highly recommend coming by the school if you are local to sit in the aircraft; if you are not near Naples, let us know and we can help you arrange a “test fit” at another location closer to your residence.

Diamond Aircraft have not been around for very long, are they safe?

Diamond Aircraft has been around for more than 20 years, and yes they are very safe. Diamond Aircraft have the highest safety record of any flight training aircraft in recent history. Diamond Aircraft are as safe, we would argue safer than other common training aircraft. When you consider that the composite materials are stronger than metal which was used in older airplanes, as well as the advances in technology. Most schools’ fleets of training aircraft are usually 30 or more years old, as opposed to our all Diamond fleet that is younger than 10 years old.

If you have a question that is not listed here, or for any further information please contact us.