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Cessna Skyhawk


Cessna Skyhawk 172S

Europe-American Aviation is excited about the addition of the Cessna 172 to our fleet. The 172 is the most widely used training platform because of its safety, simplicity in operation, and reliability. To keep pace with our modern fleet, our 172 is less than 10 years old, and equipped with the same Garmin G1000 avionics suite as the other training aircraft we fly.IMG_1074

  • Garmin G1000
  • 4 Place Leather Seating
  • Pilot Seats Equipped with AmSafe Safety Harness
  • KAP140 Autopilot
  • Time Tested Lycoming IO-360 Engine

The Cessna 172 has stood the test of time as a flight training platform. Whether you are just starting your flight training, or a seasoned pilot, there is nothing quite like the 172. The high-wing configuration makes the Cessna a perfect airplane for taking in the sights of the world below, while flying locally or cross-country. The 172 is not about getting there as fast as possible, but rather enjoying the journey.


Equipped with the industry leading Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit, situational awareness is enhanced; along with amazing capabilities for flight planning, weather, and traffic information at your fingertips. Turn on the autopilot, and you are free to spend your time aloft looking outside at the amazing perspective of the world very few get to enjoy.


  • Engine: Lycoming IO-360-L2A (180 hp)
  • Propeller: McCauley 2-blade metal, Fixed pitch
  • Length: 27 ft 2 in
  • Height: 8 ft 11 in
  • Wing span: 36 ft 1 in
  • Max. Ramp weight: 2,558 lbs
  • Useful load: 895 lbs*
  • Fuel capacity: 53 gal. usable
  • T/O distance, ground roll: 960 ft
  • T/O distance, over 50 ft obst: 1,630 ft
  • Rate of climb, sea level: 730 ft/min
  • Cruise speed @ 75%: 124 ktas / 11 gal/hr
  • Stall speed, full flaps: 48 kias
  • Max speed @ SL: 126 ktas
  • Max demo crosswind: 15 kts
  • Range @ 75% with 45 min res: 518 NM
  • Range @ 45% with 45 min res: 638 NM

Transitioning from traditional instruments?

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