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Diamond TwinStar – now available for training and rental!

If you want to be an airline pilot, train like one. Turbine smooth single lever powerplants, a fully integrated glass cockpit, all in an efficient low drag airframe that’s got serious ramp appeal.

Nowhere else will you find multiple TwinStars, and the exclusive Diamond Elite Simulator for your Training Needs!

Fly fast with the confidence of a twin for the same cost as a single. Go direct over water or rugged terrain, and cover great distances without the need to refuel. The world’s first and only piston aircraft with an advanced airframe, avionics, and engines gives you options you’ve never had before. Seriously capable and fully IFR equipped with the Garmin G1000 and known ice protection. Go where you want, when you want, Fast – and for less.

Go far – fast – or throttle back and go VERY far. The extreme fuel efficiency of the DA-42 means that typical flights with one stop, become non-stop flights. This efficiency gives you more options (range and endurance) if your destination changes.

  • Standard Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit and autopilot
  • Jet fuel, turbo-diesel power
  • Simple, single lever FADEC operation
  • Incredibly low fuel burn
  • Ruggedly built
  • Optional oxygen and known ice protection
  • Optional ADF/DME


Interior & Design

The interior of the Twin Star rivals that of a luxury car – leather seats and a spacious comfortable cabin, give you and your passengers a relaxing, enjoyable ride. The cavernous 4 way baggage compartment is complemented by the generous nose baggage area, which is large enough to carry two sets of golf clubs.

Go anywhere capability with incredible range.

Diamond’s obsession with safety is embodied in the design of the DA-42. The Twin Star is the undisputed technology leader – not for the sake of technology, but for the sake of your comfort and safety, ease of operation, and efficiency.

The DA-42 offers the ultimate in redundancy – damage tolerant, fail-safe carbon fiber airframe; completely redundant electrical system and power sources; redundant flight instrumentation and of course, twin engines with convenient single lever powerplant control.


The simple operation, smoothness, and quietness of the powerplants results in significantly reduced pilot fatigue. The FADEC controlled engines take the guesswork out of proper powerplant management.

The dual power levers offer jet-like thrust control, and simple single engine operation. With liquid cooled engines and Vne landing gear extension speeds, high speed descents become routine.


  • Engines: T.A.E. Centurion 1.7 / 2.0 (Austro AE300 / Lycoming IO-360 optional)
  • Horsepower: 270 hp (135 hp each)
  • Propellers: MT 3 blade constant speed, full-feathering
  • Useful load: 1,174 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 50 US gal. std. (72 US gal. with aux. tanks)
  • Fuel: Jet A1
  • T/O distance, ground roll*: 1,130 ft
  • T/O distance over 50 ft obst*: 1,730 ft
  • Landing dist ground roll: 1,069 ft
  • Landing dist over 50’ obst: 1,877 ft
  • Rate of climb, sea level*: 1,280 ft/min
  • Max operating altitude: 18,000 ft
  • Max SE ceiling (std day): 10,000 ft
  • Cruise speed @ 80%: 172 ktas / 12.5 gal/hr total
  • Economy cruise @ 60%: 151 ktas / 8.8 gal/hr total
  • Stallspeed, full flaps, gear down: 56 kias
  • Stall speed, clean: 62 kias
  • Landing gear operating: 194 kts
  • Range @ 80%, with aux fuel: 917 NM
  • Range @ 60%, with aux fuel: 1,129 NM

Transitioning from traditional instruments?

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