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Garmin G1000

Garmin G1000 CBI Kit

New at Europe-American: The “Cleared to fly the Garmin G1000″ CBI Kit!

KING’s Computer-based Interactive Video™ G1000 courses will prepare you so well that when you get in the airplane, your hands and eyes will automatically go to the right place.

You’ll not only understand and be able to use the fabulous capabilities of the advanced Garmin technology, but you will know the quickest and most efficient way to do things.

When you finish your comprehensive course, you’ll be a skilled user, comfortable, with the help of an instructor or safety pilot, to demonstrate your command of the truly magnificent Garmin capabilities.

Get Proficient Before You Fly!

The courses serve up short, easy to understand video snippets with close-up finger-to-button demonstrations that make it easy to see the actions.

Video snippets are followed by KING’s super-realistic procedures trainer which lets you put what you have just learned into practice right away, reinforcing your learning.

The interactive menu tracks and displays your results so you can easily see how you are advancing
When you are done, you can print a Completion Certificate… and you may want to frame it to proudly display your achievement!

Become G1000 Proficient

You’ll easily transition from round dials to glass with this engaging and thorough course. The complex G1000 systems will become intuitive. Soon you’ll have command of its 108 knobs and buttons.

You’ll learn the systems, and how to interpret and use the flight instruments, engine instruments, radios, transponder, maps, and aviation databases … all on two big display screens—before long you’ll be eager to demonstrate your proficiency in the air.

Master the 108 knobs and buttons:

  • Understand and use your Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi Function Display (MFD)
  • Learn how to best use WAAS
  • Navigate with moving maps, flight plans, and “Direct-To” … with confidence
  • Manage systems including engine leaning and monitoring
  • Utilize the facilities database including pages and page groups, nearest airport, navigation aids
  • Learn how to use XM Weather
  • Know how to customize your system
  • Learn to use Garmin’s hazard avoidance systems including the optional Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS), and the Traffic Information System (TIS)
  • Call up instrument procedures with ease including loading and activating approaches, departures and arrivals, course reversals, holding, and missed approaches
  • Know what to do when things go wrong, including electrical and display problems—even in IMC

Transitioning from a steam gauge airplane?

Check out our compact G1000 Transition training package!

ADownload here

We also recommend: Max Trescott’s GarminG1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook

“Written by a Master CFI, this book makes it easy for you to quickly become an expert on operating and programming the G1000 system in any aircraft.

There is a revolution sweeping through general aviation. Two years ago, few aircraft shipped with glass cockpits. Now, nearly 100% of all new GA aircraft ship with glass cockpits, most of them Garmin G1000TM. Whether you’re an owner, potential owner, or renter, you’ll want to become expert at flying these exciting new aircraft and benefit from their enhanced safety.

Max Trescott, a Master CFI who’s trained and taught extensively in glass cockpit aircraft, takes a narrative approach to explaining the G1000 in ways that both beginners and experts can understand. Not only is every system feature explained, but information on when and why you’d use a particular function are also included. The book is loaded with illustrations and “tips” gleaned from leading glass cockpit instructors around the country.

You’ll learn about the PFD and MFD displays, audio panel, programming the GPS, electrical systems, using the autopilot and dealing with emergencies. A detailed discussion of instrument approaches, integrated with use of the autopilot, will help you become a pro. Advanced features, optional in some aircraft, such as TIS and TAS traffic monitoring systems, Stormscopes, and Terrain Awareness Warning Systems (TAWS) are discussed in detail. You’ll also learn to use all of the data link weather features like NEXRAD radar, satellite images, freezing level, winds aloft, AIRMETs, SIGMETS, TFRs, and METARs available through XM Satellite weather.

Instrument pilots will find the book valuable, since it explains how to fly instrument approaches with the G1000, and integrates the proper use of an autopilot throughout the approach. Data link weather and Stormscopes® are popular G1000 option, and the book details how the weather data is gathered and delivered to the plane, so that you’ll understand the limitations and proper use of the information. Someday, everyone will fly these aircraft, and Max Trescott’s G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook gets you started now.

Soft cover, 244 pages, 40 in color, illustrated with more than 275 computer screen shots and photographs, glossary and index.”