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FTDstandaloneLearn to fly in our simulator

Thanks to digital technology, flight simulation today offers an incredible level of detail, which is greatly beneficial to the efficiency of your training.

The advantages in regards to cost, flexibility, safety, and the environment are all too obvious. The simulation products by Diamond-Elite contain one more important element: They represent up to the smallest details of the original cockpit they are meant to represent, because they are original cockpits!

The first, and so far only, DA42 FTD (Flight Training Device) located in the USA at Europe-American Aviation

The simulator, with a replicated DA-42 cockpit, is manufactured by Diamond Simulation and completes Europe-American Aviation’s fleet of Diamond Aircraft. The DA42 FTD was an important step to offer more flexible, and effective training for students.

Implementing a Flight Training Device into the flight instruction, brings many advantages to the customer. In this kind of environment a student trains much better than in a generic one-size-fits-all cockpit.

Students can master the basics and more importantly train for unusual and dangerous emergency situations. This leads to higher motivation, and subsequently to better training results. In addition, as weather is no longer a factor and down time for maintenance is negligible, the training is much more flexible!

The Simulator can be used in the following Training Scenarios:

  • Instrument Rating (Airplane)
  • Commercial Pilot (Airplane)
  • Airline Transport Pilot (Airplane)
  • Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPC)

During the course of the Training the Student can log the following maximum Amount of hours towards the Rating or Certificate:

Instrument Training 20 hours
Commercial Pilot Training 50 hours
Airline Transport Pilot Training 25 hours


Part of the Checkride towards an Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, or Airline Transport Pilot Certificate can be done in the Simulator as well; further reducing the cost of training.

Compared with training in the airplane, using a Simulator reduces the cost significantly, and increases the quality of the training at the same time.

Maximum Cost Savings

For the foreseeable future, the price of oil will dominate all aspects of the cost structure for flight training. The TwinStar already dominates this segment; No other aircraft has a 165 Kts cruise speed while consuming only 12 Gals/Hr. Especially not an aircaraft with two engines!

The DA42 FTD by Diamond Simulation is just as advanced as the TwinStar it represents.

Whether Training for the PPL-IFR, CPL, ATPL, or even Training for your CFI, the DA42 FTD is certified as a Level 5 FTD, with exact simulation of flight control forces