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Our Airplanes are available for rent, to be flown within the continental US (excl. Alaska) and the Bahamas.

For more info regarding flying in the Bahamas please visit

Minimum Requirements are as follows:

  • Valid US Pilot Certificate (Minimum FAA Private Pilot Certificate or a restricted US PPL based on a foreign license)
  • Valid Flight Review
  • Valid US Medical (Minimum 3rd Class)
  • Checkout with one of our Flight Instructors to include familiarization with local procedures

Since your safety is of paramount importance to Europe-American Aviation the additional night rental requirements are: Instrument rating and Instrument currency prior to VFR rental at night. Pilots that do not hold an Instrument rating have to return prior to sun set or make arrangements for over night rental.

Contact: Ruth Luenterbusch, (239-430-9220) for further instructions.

Aeronautical Experience:

The required aeronautical experience for the desired aircraft category can be found under “Checkout“. See below for additional requirements for rentals to the Bahamas.

Rental Checkout/Flight Review

Before you can rent one of Europe-American’s aircraft, you will need to complete a rental checkout with a Europe-American Aviation Flight Instructor. The minimum rental checkout requirements are listed on our Checkout page, as soon as the Instructor is satisfied that you can safely operate our aircraft, you’re good to go!

Of course you can also combine the rental checkout with a Flight Review; in that case a minimum 1 hour of Flight Instruction, and 1 hour of ground instruction is required per the FARs for the Flight Review.

To prepare yourself for the topics required for a Flight Review as listed in the FAR/AIM, you can download this PDF document. It will also be your sign off sheet.

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions and Information about our Insurance are available here.

Special requirements for the Bahamas

In addition to the above mentioned requirements we require a valid US Instrument Rating.

For flights to the Bahamas you will have to attend our Bahamas flying course, which is intended to introduce you to Bahamian CAA regulations as well as exit and re-entry procedures for the US, including customs and immigration procedures. This course is approved by our insurance company to obtain Bahamas coverage.

The regulations to fly back and forth to the Bahama’s for Private pilots have recently been significantly changed. Regulations that were in place for a number of years for charter operators now also apply for recreational flights.

It means electronically filing of a crew/pax manifest prior to departing an airport in the US and  prior to arriving in the US. It’s not really complicated, but it will take some time. You are required to register and apply for an account, this will take 5-7 business days. On the website they have a tutorial which is very much worth checking out:

If you plan a trip to the Bahamas you should familiarize yourself with these new regulations and register yourself with the DHS.