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Rental Checkout

All renters must complete a rental checkout flight with a Europe-American Aviation Flight Instructor within 90 days prior to renting one of our aircraft.

Diamond DA-40 Diamondstar

Current/Valid US private pilot certificate with a current third class medical

 Night rental – pilots must hold current and valid FAA instrument airplane rating

With Garmin 1000 Experience:

• 1 hour flight *
• 1 hour ground*

Without Garmin 1000 Experience:

• G1000 ground school*
• 1 hour ground* – systems knowledge
• 1 hour flight*
• Approved for VFR flight only

Insurance checkout flight with a EUROPE-AMERICAN AVIATION Flight Instructor

* Minimum time for first rental checkout at Europe-American Aviation

Diamond DA-42 TwinStar

With Garmin 1000 Experience** (Customers who hold a PPL, IFR, Multi Rating):

• 6 hours Multi ground*
• 1 hour DA42 Simulator*
• 3.0 hours DA42 flight*

Without Garmin 1000 Experience** (Customers who hold a PPL, IFR, Multi Rating):

• G 1000 Kit
• 2.0 hours G 1000 ground*
• 6.0 hours Multi ground*
• 2.0 hours DA42 Simulator*
• 3.0 hours DA42 flight*

* Minimum time for first rental checkout at Europe-American Aviation
** Insurance requirements must be met prior to the checkout

Renters Checkout

For the “Renters Checkout” are no minimum hours or minimum cost specified. It will only take as long as necessary for you to demonstrate to one of our Flight Instructors that you are a safe and capable pilot. We will check in the following areas:

  • Aircraft handling through the usual maneuvers (Slowflight, Stalls, Steep Turns etc.)
  • Takeoffs and Landings at both towered and non-towered airports, Crosswind landings
  • Navigation
  • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Introduction to the Equipment installed (GPS, Autopilot etc.)

If you like, we can expand the Checkout to complete a Flight Review (At least one hour Ground and one hour flight are required for a BFR)

Minimum requirements for renting to the Bahamas

For solo flights to the Bahamas, the requirements are as follows:

All single engine airplanes

- 200 Hours Total Time and 10 hours in Make & Model, Garmin G1000 Transition Training if applicable

- Current and valid FAA instrument rating

Diamond DA-42 Twin Star

We have not established any specific Bahamas rental requirements for the Twin Star. Please contact us to discuss your individual situation.