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Why Learn to Fly?

There are as many reasons as there are pilots. Some have always dreamed of owning their own airplane, some are pursuing a flying career, and others find a light aircraft to be a useful business tool.

Whatever the specific reason, all pilots have one thing in common: The sheer excitement and love for life aloft.

Once you earn your pilot certificate ( ) , the adventure has just begun.
In a light airplane, you travel further and faster – and you have fun getting wherever you’re going. That means you might start looking forward to business trips for a change. Or, you’ll add some spice to your weekends with day trips you never imagined were possible. As a private pilot, your airplane can take you anywhere you please. Now that’s freedom.

You can fly friends to the beach. Fly your kids to the mountains. Fly your spouse to a different city every weekend for dinner. With a little more training, you can earn an instrument rating to fly in nearly any weather condition. You’ll have access to thousands of airports even closer to your final destination than the mega-jetports. And you can split the costs evenly with other passengers – so long as you don’t fly for hire without a commercial certificate.

Once you earn your certificate, you wouldn’t have to take another flight lesson – except for a flight review every two years. However, there are plenty of exciting things to learn and ways to continue your training – all of which will challenge you and make you a better pilot.
An instrument rating is a natural step. You’ll learn to fly solely by reference to the cockpit instruments – which makes your airplane a handy travel tool.

If you decide to fly for a living, you’ll earn a commercial certificate and perhaps an Airline Transport Pilot certificate. Both show your professional-level mastery of aviation. With a Flight Instructor Certificate, you can teach others to fly. Fly complex, 200-knot multi-engine airplanes, or classic tail-wheel equipped airplanes. Fly helicopters or gliders. You can even fly as a volunteer pilot for worthwhile causes.

The possibilities are almost endless…


Why Train at a Diamond Brilliance Flight Center

Since its inception, it has always been Europe-American Aviation’s goal to provide you with excellent equipment and training. This is sometimes easier said than done, especially as General Aviation has seen tremendous changes during the last decade:

Proven composite materials have allowed for newly designed aircraft, which provide better safety records than ever before.

These airframes result in enhanced aerodynamics, and therefore improved fuel economy and faster cruising speeds.
Modern avionics (say “Glass cockpit”) introduces technology into small aircraft which rivals the equipment of Jets. The introduction of turbo diesel engine technology combined with digital engine control (FADEC), contributes to more reliability, safety, and less fuel consumption.

All of this is accompanied by simulation technology, that until recently, has been reserved for professional pilots and airlines, based on the costs involved. As you can imagine, its not easy to keep up with these changes in an already highly competitive environment. Our original goal has not changed, and we believe just “keeping up” is not good enough.

Pilots of Today and Tomorrow need the best training and equipment available, in order to safely succeed in modern aviation.

In order to provide this level of service for you, Europe-American Aviation has entered into a strategic partnership with Diamond Aircraft, the second largest manufacturer of two and four seat aircraft.

As the worldwide first “Diamond Brilliance Flight Center,” we are convinced that we can offer you exactly that, the best training and the best aircraft fleet available.

No other manufacturer has balanced and integrated the answers to the above mentioned technology challenges into an attractive design like Diamond: Virtually maintenance free composite cells with first class aerodynamic characteristics, paired with modern avionics and efficient engines.

Faster Training Means Less Cost for You, the Student

In addition, we have expanded our FAA certified Part 141 training, which allows us to offer you a seamless course from “zero” time to Commercial/ Instrument rated, based on the highly regarded Jeppesen training materials.

All these changes were made so you would experience an even more reliable, efficient and smooth training environment, as well as to offer a unique rental fleet.

In other words safer equipment, faster training, and better technology equals more value for your money.