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Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot Training

All training is conducted according to FAR part 61 or part 141 of the US regulations. Previous experience and/or training can count towards meeting the requirements. For any specific questions regarding your Commercial training please contact us at Admissions: 239-309-0895.

Training with an ICAO authorized instructor in your home country will count towards the requirements if the training has been recorded and endorsed in your logbook by the Flight Instructor in question.

The CPL training can be accomplished in 1-2 weeks depending on previous experience. The cost will vary significantly depending on how much complex experience you have already.

Like with the PPL and the Instrument, the training can basically be broken up in two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical training is concluded when you pass the FAA written exam. Then you must accomplish your practical training with the flight test as the grand finale!

The written exam consists of 60 questions picked at random from the FAA database of about 900 questions. With a little self-study the majority of the theoretical training can be accomplished in your home country.

Once in Naples you would be capable of taking the written exam right away so you can spend all your time and energy on the practical training.


The checkride for the commercial consists of all the PPL maneuvers followed by the “special” commercial maneuvers such as “Lazy Eights” and “Chandelles”. More emphasis is placed on smoothness of operation and airplane control.

The checkride will be completed under VFR conditions; no IFR maneuvers will be required.

If you already hold the Instrument Rating it will transfer to the Commercial Certificate.


Commercial Pilot in Europe

With the US CPL you will be able to operate N-registered airplanes commercially any where in the world.  Naturally local laws apply as well as US regulations concerning commercial enterprise.  For the conversion of the US CPL to a CPL from your country we advise you to contact: Tom Navin at