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Other Ratings

Further advanced certificates and ratings like Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII), and Multi Engine Instructor (MEI) are also available at Europe-American.

The previous experience of the applicant dictates the length of the training course and the cost. Please contact us by email or phone with your specific flight history so we can give you an indication of the training that would be required for any of these ratings. For those already familiar with the US regulations, FAR part 61.183 through 61.199 deal with Flight instructor training and certification.

We train you for your initial CFI as well as for Instrument Instructor and Multi Engine Instructor Add On’s, course time for all three ratings is six weeks!


We are often asked if any training done at our facility counts towards the European ATPL. Agreements between ICAO nations grant you all or part of the training requirements for PPL,IFR and CPL. All your flight time will be recognized. For specifics please contact your Aviation authorities.

We have had a lot of customers who, as preparation for their EASA/FCL-ATPL, started with their PPL and Instrument rating with us. While this approach involves more complicated paper-work than joining an “Ab-initio” program with a school in Europe, many students find that the enormous cost savings make this compelling factor in their decision to train with us. This is especially true now with the Euro at historical strong rates.

Not to mention the generally very good weather that will result in a far shorter training time schedule than would be required in Western Europe!