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TAA G1000 Transition

Transition to the new G1000 Glascockpit

New, convenient way to learn the world’s most popular glass cockpit!

Keep up with the times with our new Garmin G1000 Glass Panel transition, flight training course for VFR/IFR pilots. This 2 to 3 day, FAA approved Part 141 flight training course with G1000 expert flight instructors will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to fly these technologically advanced aircraft with confidence.

Use this course to enhance your piloting skills and at the same time receive a fresh BFR/IPC. Fly our modern Diamond Aircraft fleet and experience the state-of-the-art in aviation.

Several years ago, very few aircraft had glass cockpits. Now, nearly 100% of all new GA aircraft are delivered with glass cockpits, most of them with the Garmin G1000. Whether you are an owner, potential owner, or renter you will want to become an expert at flying these exciting new aircraft and benefit from their enhanced safety.
With higher administrative fees associated with flight training in the US, Europe American Aviation is reducing the costs of getting your Pilot Certificate & Ratings. Starting NOW, Europe American Aviation is offering a $500 credit that you can apply toward your training cost. If you are an international student, use this credit to offset your TSA, VISA and arrival fees and start saving today. If you are a US Student apply this $500 credit toward your training cost to offset enrollment fees and other costs.

G1000 Transition Training