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TSA (Transportation Security Administration) / Homeland Security

With the new rules in place from the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), we must follow stricter rules and guidelines in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

These rules apply to All Non-US Citizens who apply for flight training.

Now, what is considered “training”?

What is training? – Training that a candidate could use toward a new airman certificate or rating. These rules do not apply for US citizens. Therefore the flight school has to obtain proof of US citizenship (U.S. birth certificate or U.S. passport)

You do NOT need to apply with the TSA for:

  • BFR (Biennial Flight Review)
  • IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check)
  • Rental checkout
  • Aircraft rental
  • Hour building

Here are the steps necessary for you to register with the TSA and initiate your online backgroundcheck. You can start the process any time, don’t wait until you actually want to start your training. Ok, here’s the procedure in detail:
1.) Go to the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) website for the Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP) located at

2.) Register as a “New Student Account”

3.) You will receive your User ID and Password sent to the personal e-mail account that you provided to the TSA within seconds usually.
4.) Return to the TSA website and login with your User ID and Password and change the Password to something that you will also be able to provide to Europe-American Aviation.

5.) Fill out and save each page as you finish. On the page which indicates your provider (Europe-American Aviation) we are listed as Skystead Aviation DBA Europe-American Aviation on the drop down list. Your category of flight training will be Category 3 (under 12,500 lbs.) If you have any questions you may contact us at anytime.

6.) After you have completed all the sections you will validate and submit your application. At this time, any errors that may have occurred, will be shown and you may correct them

7.) Europe-American Aviation will receive an email asking us to validate that you will be training with us. Usually within an hour. After we confirm that you will be training with our school, you will receive an email asking you to pay the fee. Please print a copy of the confirmation of payment. Keep this for yourself and fax one to the school for your file. Our Faxnumber is +1 239 430 9221

8.) After paying the application fee, you will receive an e-mail stating “Payment Received-Fingerprint Instructions”.

Do not sign the form ahead. The fingerprint collector has to be present.

Make sure you will bring the form.

9.) Also, in the e-mail stating “Payment Received – Fingerprint Instructions” Step #2, you may set up your fingerprint appointment with Europe-American Aviation. You DO NOT need to supply the fingerprint cards or a pre-paid shipping envelope, as these items will be provided by the Collector. You will be required to pay additional fingerprinting fees to the agency that collects your fingerprints.

10.) Step#3 of the ‘Payment Received – Fingerprint Instructions” lists all of the items that you must bring with you at the time that you are fingerprinted. Please make sure that you bring the following items:

  • The ‘Payment Received-Fingerprint Instructions’ e-mail
  • Two forms of identification – one must be your passport
  • The Fingerprint Control Form that you printed at the time you enrolled with TSC